Stuffed celery

Ingredients (for four people) :

No. 10 large celery ribs , 3(h) ground beef, n° 4 slices of cooked ham or Bologna sausage, n° 2 eggs , grated Parmesan cheese , n° 3 cloves of garlic , parsley , n° 1 onion , n° 1 carrot , 600 gr. tomato , 8 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil , Salt , pepper

Preparation :

cut celery to a length of 25 cm
Scald the stems in boiling salted water for 15 min..
Prepare the dough for the stuffing by mixing in a container the minced meat,eggs, cooked ham,garlic and parsley,Parmesan,salt and pepper, all chopped.
Cut in half every celery rib.
Riempite una parte del sedano con un pò d’ impasto ed utilizzate l’altra parte tagliata, as a lid.
Related thoroughly with white thread of sewing cotton.
FRY in pan celery stuffed with floured and.
Prepared in a pan sauce to continue cooking of celery.
Prepare the sauce of onion,carrot and garlic,When taking color,Add the tomato add salt and merge to cooking stuffed celery for about 30 min..

Preparation time:     1 now

Degree of Difficulty:     Middle