Tin 3.5 l extra virgin Tuscan olive oil

The Product :

L’ Oil “Frantoio le Selvette” Toscano IGP is an extra virgin olive oil of Tuscany from sopore fruity, da un gusto intenso e leggermente piccante donato dalle migliori tradizioni della nostra terra.

From 1998 extra virgin olive oil produced in Tuscany you can brand itself as I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Identity) theme introduced by the regulations of the European Community, which means that the oil with this brand is produced in Tuscany and Tuscan olives shall in Tuscan Mills.

A few drops are enough to exalt whatever your dish, and make it unforgettable like our hills..

Pack of 5 Litres, for a stock table wellness Extras.

Price (per unit) : 50 Euro